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Emily Meehan
this makes me feel old just watching them figure it out.
Comment from : Emily Meehan

The gamer and anime fan forever
Kids don't understand the righteous age of the 1900's
Comment from : The gamer and anime fan forever

Jazmin Barrientos
To be honest it's really not that old. I was born in 2001 and I remember standing in the store waiting excitedly for the photos :) I would get my parents really mad because I'd waste the film on silly pictures of me xD
Comment from : Jazmin Barrientos

Ritika N
Did u actually live back then... unfortunately must be very old!

Comment from : Ritika N

Andrea H
Camera chips?!
Comment from : Andrea H

Benjamin Nieves
I have one of those cameras and I still use it and redeem the pics at Walgreen's
Comment from : Benjamin Nieves

Fam Maclean
Actually this isn't that old. The film rolls itself automatically and there is a zoom function.
Comment from : Fam Maclean

Yeti v2
Polaroid camera FTW
Comment from : Yeti v2

Alexander Lariviere
I remember having a camera like that
Comment from : Alexander Lariviere

Jer Xu
Since I just got a 1915 Seneca Camera, I love how all these kids think THAT is hard, complicated, and old XD
Comment from : Jer Xu

She said snap when you told her she's not watching a video
Comment from : uhhhscizo

Have a moderately fine Birthday
I was like that camera ain't old booooooooyyyyyyyyyyy!
Comment from : Have a moderately fine Birthday

Mohamed Shakir

Comment from : Mohamed Shakir

Ni k
yeah its kinda sad that I have like rarely two pics of all my birthdays as a kid as my parents couldn't afford a camera or hire a photographer. im getting old :(
Comment from : Ni k

How about slide rules?
Comment from : gmc9753

Psh, I had one of those super precise cameras with the big lenses for my film photography class. Heck, I've actually developed film. It's a hassle.

PS: Is that a screenshot from Birdemic?

Comment from : ECL28E

Sarcastic Seva
Putting that film in was such hard work!
Comment from : Sarcastic Seva

Thank goodness for built-in cameras (Cell phones, tablets, iOS, etc.)
Comment from : TheLionBrony96

Guillermo Avila
The last time i used an old camera was in 2000, and now i am 30yo, wowowowooow
Comment from : Guillermo Avila

Nick Hughes
"You must be really old." Didn't even get the first digital photo until 2003 or 2004. All of my photos age 3 and under are physical copies. I'm 16.
Comment from : Nick Hughes

Maximillion Winters
My dad is a photographer, he would tear these kids apart!
Comment from : Maximillion Winters

Being that im 19 and getting called old from a child is quite mind blowing
Comment from : MSLProdutions

Comment from : ItzJustMel

Jane Doe
If the kids couldn't fathom waiting an hour for a photo, try explaining what a foto-mat was...lol
Comment from : Jane Doe

Bridget Asturias
Kids and teens now a days are not greatful for the technology they have whereas kids and teens were born in the early 90's or way back. We have to deal with such easy complications. I dought any kid or teen could survive
Comment from : Bridget Asturias

ShortStupidVids LOL
I had a camera like this when I was 4-7 then I think I broke it cause I dropped it a lot XD I didn't know that it had film or what film was though until I was 6 and Elmo taught me.
Comment from : ShortStupidVids LOL

Denzel Naga
what is the need of even a camera when ur still a kid.. i dont get nowadys kidz !
Comment from : Denzel Naga

Nhan Ngo
I shot some Portra 160 ISO film on a Nikon F2 yesterday.
Comment from : Nhan Ngo

Comment from : Hoodsworth

Autumn Mchenry
photo fluid hahaha
Comment from : Autumn Mchenry

Marie-Laure Akossi
my dad has a cannon camera,but u can actually see the pictures
Comment from : Marie-Laure Akossi

megan sage
lol why are they so confused? Havent they seen dispossable cameras before?
Comment from : megan sage

Isabella Buford
The first camara was by niphore niepse in the 1700
Comment from : Isabella Buford

Chief S. Dabeni
Sonic in 1991

Comment from : Chief S. Dabeni

supernova gamer
have them react to the Atari 2600
Comment from : supernova gamer

Gena Lewis
Comment from : Gena Lewis

Omg they're adorable x'D
Comment from : P

90's kids feel old now because of the things these kids said.
Comment from : FlyingPrincess

"That's messed up!" Lmao!!
Comment from : loreleivixen

Christopher K
This makes me feel old been using film for 20+ years times changed and forced to use digital film as gotten to expensive :(
Comment from : Christopher K

show them how photos are developed on film using an enlarger, it's a long process
Comment from : Lyka

you shoulda said a week or a day to get the photos back. lol
Comment from : Nateyboy1990

Tiger Day
I feel horrible for these kids.... If they think this is hard than their going to have a hard time getting through life
Comment from : Tiger Day

It's this sort of lack of familiarity with certain technologies among the young, which certainly extends to guns, which is probably the cause of a lot of accidental shootings.
Comment from : MELEKH HA OLAM

2:11 I understand this may have been filmed close to Halloween given the publication date, but was it really necessary to have this guy wear his Anton Chigurh costume? XD


Comment from : MELEKH HA OLAM

not even that old of a camera, an old camera, in my opinion an old camera is not automated in the slightest. I LOVE using old cameras for photography i also like using vinyl over mp3
Comment from : That1Fucker

Angel Black
I love how in almost every one of these at least one of the kids points out how old you guys are xDDD
Comment from : Angel Black

Dainis Beķis
I was hoping to see an older camera.
Comment from : Dainis Beķis

Typical Animation
90's internet and old tvs
Comment from : Typical Animation

Ariz Trad
"Did you live with this back then?"
"You must be really old!"

Comment from : Ariz Trad

Comment from : VecckART™

Kids react to Polaroids
Comment from : savaroni

dear gosh I feel old
Comment from : nentjao

Anthony Braun
insane head smashing on desk

Comment from : Anthony Braun

tammi wallace
i do thiis but i also have physicla albums and scrapbooks everyone i know does
Comment from : tammi wallace

React to a folding Polaroid SX-70 camera.
Comment from : VideoTapeRenaissance

"It's an old school camera"

I feel old now

Comment from : Ed NUFC

Mark Dickerson
An hour? Not sure where you went. I would typically have to wait a week due to no stores had a photo lab. We had to send them in.
Comment from : Mark Dickerson

Stephanie McCallum
Girl=u must be really old
Comment from : Stephanie McCallum

To be fair things did come with instructions in those days 0_o
Comment from : ilpalazzo3

Blooblah Bloobay
I've never used a camera with film, but I've always wanted to
Comment from : Blooblah Bloobay

Reid Walley
This is fantastic!
Comment from : Reid Walley

"is this a GoPro." a GoPro
Comment from : Lordofzeldafed

laura stuven
I actually known films from evangelion
Comment from : laura stuven

Tom Gunn
you shoulda got an older camera i used to use a nice old pentax k1000 its still my bae XD
Comment from : Tom Gunn

Mash Ups
[email protected] the devils camera. haha.
Comment from : Mash Ups

Sergeant Squirtle
Some kids have no awareness of the fact that they didn't have that new technology back then.
Comment from : Sergeant Squirtle

Kelli M.
Do you have Kids React to VCR's or TV dials
Comment from : Kelli M.

Kelli M.
It's like I'd rather have physical pictures, but at the same time if I need to upload any I'd want to do that as well. That's why I love that at CVS you can get the prints or digital.
Comment from : Kelli M.

I still have film camera! Yus! FilmFTW
Comment from : Meltroxgeolix

Haha, photo fluid
Comment from : Marlorie

Thus, technological evolution and development.
Comment from : AllRequired

Irma 300

Comment from : Irma 300

Vito 97
"Is this a gopro" wow really?!? Kids these days are pathetic
Comment from : Vito 97

robyn Kelliher
I'm 14 and I prefer the feel of physical pictures and putting it in a frame
Comment from : robyn Kelliher

Khen Amper
Teens react to jadine loveteam please!!!
Comment from : Khen Amper

Lisette Guevara
You must be really old.... Haha thanks I just turned 16....
Old school cameras were the bomb waiting for the pictures to develop and everything lol.

Comment from : Lisette Guevara

"I'M I PRO!!!!!"........... "right? - right?". Just lovely :-D :-D :-D
Comment from : Henreinje

JPGP 2106
How about cellphones maybe a pt-500 or a startac some of those phones vs a modern one
Comment from : JPGP 2106

Woon Akiff Plays
My grandfather has one and he gave it to me
Comment from : Woon Akiff Plays

Butt Hurt
That "fact" at 1:35 about the first camera is highly dubious...
Comment from : Butt Hurt

Jaime Waterous
I had one of those cameras when I was younger :P
Comment from : Jaime Waterous

Yang Song
oh i feel i'm old now. so sad
Comment from : Yang Song

aries amatorio
Its not so hard hard
Comment from : aries amatorio

I haven't touched a camera that uses film since like 4th grade. I don't even think I would remember how in fact I think I never touched anything but a disposal camera even then.
Comment from : elastic_luv

5:00 I am 18 and it was the way how my mom made pictures during our vacations when I was younger. Am I that old?
Comment from : Mike

Pauline Lg
The reactions were kind of sad on this episode :( 
I didn't think those cameras were "that" old that the kids never saw it, I'm 20 years old and buying old cameras just to get the feel of old time and really looking at pictures in a book ..

Comment from : Pauline Lg

Angel Lopez

Comment from : Angel Lopez

Kids react to walking to school - WITH BOOKS!!! zomg!!!
Comment from : Catubrannos

Rest in peace photo albums.
Comment from : Tanaka

Richard FitzGerald
Kids react to Atari 2600. Would be great!

Comment from : Richard FitzGerald

Throw an old Polaroid camera at 'em. That'd be interesting.
Comment from : wildsmiley

it doesn't feel that long ago for me but these kids act like it was from the stone ages!!!
Comment from : jobby

Mia Birmingham
Omg I had a film camera in 2007 ish.
Comment from : Mia Birmingham

Eduardo Xhavez
Kids react to record player
Comment from : Eduardo Xhavez

then beg
react to pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows!!
Comment from : then beg

Kiara Yssabel
2015 and we still have that "old cameras".

But I really like having a picture physically and posting them on your bedroom walls or even on ceilings. lol

01 liner here

Comment from : Kiara Yssabel

Now And Gen
"I'm very happy I didn't live in that time." Little do they know😑
Comment from : Now And Gen

Lou Alvarez
It wasnt that bad, you really appreciated pictures back then because you have limited amount and didnt wasted them in silly things or "selfies", just done a selfie (took a picture of urself) when you were with someone and you wanted to remember that moment. I really think it was so much cuter back then now it is really fast and i love social media and all that stuff but isnt the same idk
Comment from : Lou Alvarez

Dragon Lord Frost Scythe
"I've never seen a camera in real life before."
You're telling me you're in another world/dimension/MMORPG?

Comment from : Dragon Lord Frost Scythe

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